“Duyog” (“solidarity”) addresses the multifaceted problems and challenges besetting marginalized and indigenous peoples (IPs) by amplifying Lumad and Bangsamoro voices as they protect and uphold their dignity and rights.


Promotes public awareness on IP struggles through education by partnering with schools to develop information dissemination campaigns,conducting workshops and seminars, and producing educational materials. Duyog popularizes IP stories and publishes research studies on their histories, cultures, practices, knowledge, issues and concerns. As natural-born stewards of the environment, IPs’ harmonious coexistence with, and dependence upon, nature and its resources are illuminated by this program.


Secures a sustainable funding ecosystem by establishing and supervising a grant-writing team, 
engaging in community-led fundraising initiatives, and forging strategic alliances with government and 
non-government entities.


Empowers IP communities through capacity development specifically by conducting skill-building workshops, facilitating mentorship initiatives, and creating online platforms which offer up-to-date information, and help preserve IPs’ cultural heritage, knowledge, traditional practices, and languages.