About Us

The Mindanao Climate Justice Resource Facility, Inc.

MCJ is a nonprofit organization committed to facilitating genuine transformation and sustainable development in Mindanao by advocating for community-led climate and social justice. Through a rights-based approach, community initiatives and sustainable development efforts, and with the help of strategic partnerships and collaborations, MCJ supports and empowers marginalized and indigenous peoples’ communities, with special focus on the Lumad and Bangsamoro, to build resilience, and to protect and uphold their dignity and rights amid the global climate crisis.

What We Do

Duyog” (“solidarity”) addresses the multifaceted problems and challenges besetting marginalized and indigenous peoples by promoting sustainable climate change mitigation and adaptation, and resilience-building as they protect and uphold their dignity and rights.

Panalipod” (“protection”) underscores the crucial role of environmental human rights defenders in advocating for the rights of marginalized and indigenous peoples in conjunction with protecting the environment.

Kinaiyahan” (“nature”) is rooted in the fundamental principles of environmental protection. It amplifies local campaigns advancing climate and social justice by engaging primarily with the youth and other support organizations outside Mindanao.



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