“Kinaiyahan” (“nature”) is rooted in the fundamental principles of environmental protection. It amplifies local campaigns advocating for climate and social justice by engaging primarily with the youth and other support organizations outside Mindanao.


Establishes partnerships and collaborations with diverse stakeholders, including academic institutions, scientific communities, religious groups, government and non-government agencies, private sector entities, funding institutions, civil society groups, and other support organizations.


Forges enduring alliances with various organizations similarly focusing on environmental protection by actively participating in assemblies, conferences, meetings, and dialogues, Kinaiyahan establishes local, national, and international networks in support of transformative, community-led climate and social justice in Mindanao.


Empowers the youth and other marginalized sectors such as women and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual, and other minoritized gender and sexual identities (LGBTQIA+) to participate in 
climate action. Foregrounding a more inclusive, equitable approach in advancing transformative, community-led climate and social justice, Kinaiyahan develops youth-led campaigns that promote public awareness and action regarding the negative impacts of illegal logging, mining, deforestation, and other unsustainable developmental ventures in Mindanao.