Kinaiyahan–YCJM and Partners Aid Flood-Stricken Davao City Communities

Kinaiyahan–YCJM and partner organizations initiated a water filter project, advocating for the right to access safe drinking water.

March 12, 2024—Kinaiyahan–YCJM, in close collaboration with the Philanthropic Development Office of the Missionaries of the Assumption (PAGLAUM PDO) and Assumption Polytechnic College in Mindanao (APCSM), facilitated a water filter distribution project among flood-affected communities. Funded by Waves for Water Philippines (W4W PH), the project aimed to address the pressing need for clean, potable water. Specifically, it focused on Purok Sta. Marina in Barangay Tigatto and Purok Sto. Nino in Barangay Waan, both in Davao City.

Floods contaminate existing water sources, increasing the risk of waterborne diseases. Kinaiyahan–YCJM and its partners strived to provide flood-affected families with working and sustainable filtration systems, promoting better health and well-being in these challenging times.

The distribution took place on March 15 and March 18, 2024. Families were organized into groups of five based on their proximity, with each group receiving a water filter along with a bucket. Additionally, APCSM received two extra water filters for emergency use, such as in the occurrence of water disruptions. The organizers stressed the importance of maintaining these filters.

This collaborative effort not only maximized impact but also promoted sustainable solutions by facilitating resource sharing and expertise among organizations.