Webinar Highlights Lumad’s Role in Environmental Protection from Development Aggressions

Lumad communities, with the support of youth advocates, play a vital role in environmental protection in Mindanao.

August 30, 2022–In a webinar titled “Tigpanalipod: A Discussion on the Situation of Indigenous People and their Role in Environmental Defense in Mindanao,” Kinaiyahan–Youth for Climate Justice in Mindanao (YCJM) explored the pivotal role of Mindanao’s indigenous peoples (IPs) in safeguarding the island’s environment against development aggression. 

Through “Tigpanalipod,” Kinaiyahan–YCJM aimed to raise awareness and empower young advocates to champion climate justice. Webinar participants discussed the multifaceted challenges faced by the Lumad communities amid mounting pressures on the region’s ecological integrity. For instance, the webinar also highlighted the role of Lumad women in environmental protection and discussed the environmental challenges faced under the new administration.

Mindanao’s abundant natural resources have unfortunately made the region a prime target for destructive mining, logging, and large-scale agribusiness activities. Such ventures not only pose serious threats to the region’s natural ecosystems; they also jeopardize the livelihoods and cultural heritage of the Lumad communities, the longstanding stewards of these ecosystems. Recent developments, including the lifting of bans on mining operations, have further exacerbated said threats.

Initiatives like the “Tigpanalipod”, Kinaiyahan seeks to foster collective understanding of the issues faced by the Lumad and the environment. By empowering young people and providing a platform for discussion, the organization seeks to garner and mobilize support for the Lumad communities.